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Enjoy the world around you with FITO Tap Pro.


QCC Chipset

Assurance of quality

and performance

from industry leader.

Bluetooth 5.0
Low Energy

Ultimate convenience

and power saving.


Worry-free from normal

water and dust encounter.

Mobile App

A Lifetime Licensed

Microsoft translator

In-Ear Detection
Tap Control

Lets you Play / Pause Music

or Answer / End Phone Calls

Stereo Technology

No Wires, Balanced

Sound Quality

Stereo Talk

Reduces Ambient

Noise in Your Conversation

Pro-Level Translator

4-Mics Omni

Speech Input

Combined with Proximity Sensor and Optical Sensor.

Graphene Driver

High Fidelity

Sound Quality

Flash Charge

Up to 24 hrs of Playtime

with Charging Case

Microphone Matrix

2-mics + cVc

Noise Cancelling



Simple solutions require sophisticated technology.


Ultimate convenience and power saving

The proximity sensor and optimal sensor are combined to allow the earphone to detect if it is in or out of your ear accurately.

I’m a paragraph. Double click

me or click Edit Text. It's easy  to make it your own.

Music and phone call controls are just a tap away.

From the headphone you can play/pause music or answer/end phone calls with a simple double tap on either earphone.

Two way instant speech translation

in 30+ Languages.


Break the

language barrier.

More than 30+ languages can be automatically detected and translated through an app.

Get in real-time


Connect to your devices and have two-way instant conversations with your friends, colleagues and family.


 as you travel.

It's portable, instant voice translation device for travelers. Communicate with locals and make new friends.